Finalists/laureates profiles


Laureate of 22nd edition of Oskár Čepan Award is the collective of nominated artists. Congratulations!

“Today, the day after the anniversary of 17 November, the jury greatly appreciates the dynamics of unity, solidarity and support established between the artists nominated for the Oskar Cepan Award 2017. 

The jury doesn’t want to break these dynamics and spirit within the group and therefore has decided to award the prize, but also its consequent responsibilities, to all of the nominated artists as a collective. The condition that the rules and requirements of the award will be fulfilled and that the artists among themselves will choose one person to take up the 2 month residency in New York at Residency Unlimited in Spring 2018.

The financial resources of the prize are awarded to the group. Taking a decision on how these financial resources are used is also handed over to the group.

The jury appreciates how the artists have helped each other and how this is translated into the exhibitionˇs form and content, which in turn helps the individual works. The jury acknowledges critical potential of the show and the way in which it repositions the role of art and of the artist. 

Furthermore, the jury acknowledges how the exhibition recalls that the conditions of context, resources, structures of support and environment conditions in the broadest sense all affect an artwork and its reception.

The artists should decide who will take up the residency at RU NYC by 3 December 2017.” The jury 2017 is: Lily Hall (UK), Barnabás Bencsik (HU), Dorota Kenderová (SK) , Michal Novotný (CZ), Kiki Petratou (GR/NL)

Katarína Hrušková will take part in the YVAA´s artists in residence in Residency Unlimited in NYC. The collective of laureates chose her among themselves.


APART collective / portfolio /

Questioning the notions of autonomy, authorship and the role of the individual within the collective, APART exist as a platform working across a breadth of activities from public programming to publishing. They act as a self-organised institution of-sorts; inviting, hosting and working with an ever-growing network of artists, critics, academics and designers towards the production of new support networks and models of collaboration.


Katarína Hrušková / portfolio

Katarina Hrušková’s work crosses between media and modes of performativity, always escaping fixed categories. There is a latent sense of intimacy and instability within the work; which shifts between object and performance, the spoken and written word. As she states, her practice ‘runs in two parallel strands, which attempt to draw from one another. One of them looks at ways in which written and spoken language can behave as visual art. The other explores photography as a performance.


Nik Timková / portfolio

In her inter-disciplinary practice Nik Timková combines the mythic and the virtual. Bringing together visual art, fashion and music, she works with the materials available to her whilst questioning ideas of authenticity and identity; irony and sincerity; high and popular visual culture. She forms part of an intercultural network following underground traditions.


Zuzana Žabková / portfolio

Zuzana Zabkova works between performance, video and installation as a visual artist, dancer and choreographer. She draws upon a range of historical and contemporary repertoires – from literature to classical music, film and choreography – incorporating these within a coherent body of work. She explores the tensions between live event and documentation; modes of directness and indirectness; vulnerability and exposure; the dynamic between her own body and others; and notions of care in the context of community.


About Oskár Čepan Award

Named after a foremost Slovak art historian Oskár Čepán (1925 – 1992), Oskár Čepán award is a prestigious young visual artists award initiated in 1996 by Wendy W. Luers (Foundation – Center for Contemporary Arts, USA). The award is organised since 2001 in Slovakia by Foundation -Center for Contemporary Arts, Bratislava and is member of the international network YVAA – Young Visual Artists Awards.

The award is intended for young visual artists under 40 years of age, living or being active in Slovakia. The award is granted to visual artists working with any media, with respect to current tendencies in contemporary art. The aim is to support development of young art scene in Slovakia and to reinforce expert reflection on Slovak creations.

Every year, realization phase runs from March to December and official award ceremony goes along with exhibition of works of the four finalists and a rich cultural program. The laureate receives 2 600 EUR and will be sent to Residency Unlimited in New York for two months-long residency program, supported by JaT Banka and TMU foundation (USA). The award is supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council, main partner of this project.


Organization and partners

The Foundation – Center for Contemporary Arts (former Soros Center for Contemporary Arts), operating in Slovakia since 1993 was established in the frame of the network of Open Society Foundations in East Europe. F-CCA has been working for 23 years already, supporting the expansion of contemporary arts, specifically of visual arts, through its activities following the ”open society” philosophy. In Slovakia, the Foundation has played a key role in promoting contemporary artistic creations and setting up new trends and initiatives.

Past laureates and finalists

Cena Oskára Čepana (2001–2016)

2016 Julia Gryboś a Barbora Zentková / Lucia Luptáková, Daniela Krajčová, Juraj Gábor
2015 Radek Brousil & Ján Zelinka / František Demeter, Viktor Fuček
2014 Jana Kapelová / Martin Kochan, Jaroslav Kyša, Matěj Smetana
2013 Radovan Čerevka / Erik Sikora, Martin Vongrej, Zuzana Žabková
2012 Mira Gáberová / Tomáš Džadoň, Oto Hudec, Matej Vakula
2011 Tomáš Rafa / Kassaboys, Katarína Poliačiková, Ján Šipöcz
2010 Petra Feriancová / Štefan Papčo, Jaroslav Varga, Pavla Sceránková
2009 András Cséfalvay / Tomáš Džadoň, Viktor Frešo, Jarmila Džuppová
2008 Svätopluk Mikyta / Petra Feriancová, Ján Šicko, Jaroslav Varga
2007 Lucia Nimcová / Erik Binder, Patrik Illo, Filip Jurkovič
2006 Aneta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkáčová / Stano Masár, Ildikó Pálová, Lucia Dovičáková
2005 Ján Vasilko / Radovan Čerevka, Radim Labuda, Ingrid Višňovská
2004 Michal Moravčík / Tomáš Agat Blonski, Jaroslav Kyša, Peter Maukš Voda
2003 Mário Chromý / Martin Kollár, Svätopluk Mikyta, Boris Sirka
2002 Pavlína Fichta Čierna / Juraj Dudáš, Stano Masár, Maroš Rovňák
2001 Marko Blažo / Erik Binder, Dorota Sadovská, Dušan Zahoranský

Young Artist Award Tonal (1999–2000)

2000 Vanesa Hardi / Marianna Čunderlíková, Marek Kvetán, Bohuš Kubinský
1999 Emöke Vargová / Marko Blažo, Róbert Kočan, Dorota Sadovská

Young Slovak Artist of the Year (1996–1998)

1998 Ilona Németh / Dorota Sadovská, Emöke Vargová, Marek Kvetán
1997 Anton Čierny / Peter Ondrušek, Dorota Sadovská, Dušan Zahoranský
1996 Patrik Kovačovský / Bohuš Kubínsky, Dušan Zahoranský, Adriana Korkošová